OmniOS r151022 is out -> now OmniosCE

  • Posted on: 26 August 2017
  • By: tomww

Edit (20170826): The new URL for OmniOSce is:

  • A quick note on the recent news from OmniTI handing over support for the OmniOS distribution.

    OmniOS 151022 is released. It is a LTS version aimed to get supported by the community now. Please speak up if you want to helpo or have ideas how to get the right setup.

    The Workbench 2017-03

    • Posted on: 19 March 2017
    • By: tomww

    Received a sparc machine as a long-term loan

    Some weeks ago I've got a sparc machine for sparc builds of SFE packages. The ILOM is already tested, but it'll take another while until I can setup the OS and integrate the SFE CBE (Common build Environment). Currently a long awaited side project is the cause for delays: A fully integrated CBE package for the build environment that turned out to be a larger project then I thought. I think I'll postpone that CBE-package and instead do a manual setup of the CBE now.

    The Workbench 2017-01

    • Posted on: 13 January 2017
    • By: tomww

    Attending FOSDEM in Bruxxels on Feb 4th & 5th

    If anyone of you is at FOSDEM too, I would appreciate having a chat. In case you have really good story around Solaris / OpenIndiana OmniOS, I can offer we do a short audio recording. No large preparation needed from your side. I'll bring a nice audio recorder and two headsets, extendable to 4 people.
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    Experimental Package LibreOffice

    • Posted on: 2 January 2017
    • By: tomww

    (Update 20160107 - There is a fresh verison in the IPS repository and the term "testing" is faiding out)

    Hey brave Solaris 11 users,

    if you are keen enough, you may try out Libreoffice now.
    This is a completely untested package from the developing development development repository.

    Visiting #33C3 Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg

    • Posted on: 24 December 2016
    • By: tomww

    If you attent the #33C3 conference in Hamburg next week and want to talk about ZFS, Solaris, OpenIndiana, OmniOS and fine packages of the SFE project, then please drop me a note!

    I'm sure you want to know if LibreOffice5 is now available on our solarish-type OS after a successfull year with LibreOffice4?

    I would be very happy to have a chat with you or even go into deeper discussions. We can talk in english or german language.

    The Workbench 2016-12

    • Posted on: 11 December 2016
    • By: tomww

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    * New C-Compilers default to -m64, testing new include/*inc to force -m32 if needed

    * Recompiling packages in batches for Solaris 12, please expect occational breakage

    * LibreOffice5 prework almost finished

    * pkgbuild collecting issues / bugs

    * Translastion of important blog pages wanted (*you*!)

    * Feedback is essential :)

    LibreOffice4 available for Solaris 11.3 (x86) and OpenIndiana Hipster (& S12)

    • Posted on: 28 May 2016
    • By: tomww
    Screenshot of LibreOffice on Solaris 11 Version 11.3

    LibreOffice has been updated to version (previous:
    Instructions for configuring the IPS repositories are here: quickrepolinks
    pfexec pkg install -v libreoffice4-desktop-int libreoffice4
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    Wish List for binary packages for Solaris OpenIndiana OmniOS

    • Posted on: 12 October 2017
    • By: tomww

    Package Wishlist for ready-to-install SFE IPS packages for Solaris 11, OpenIndiana Hipster and OmniOS

    Please edit the table yourself. If you want to volunteed, please pick the package you would like to work on and send in your results.

    Resource - Best Practise for SFE Packages

    • Posted on: 20 May 2017
    • By: tomww

    Find useful configuration tips for first start of a SFE package here

    Examples are how to configure a postfix email server with dovecot and SMTP authentication.

    This book is *open* to user contribution.
    Do you run a SFE package and want to share your best practise / how to's?

    Then this is your turn to write down the basics and either edit the article yourself or just send me your drafts so I can add the article for you (Credits to you! Or do you want to stay anonymous? Both is fine as sharing is caring!).

    The Workbench 2017-02

    • Posted on: 17 February 2017
    • By: tomww

    Fosdem is over - met the developers and users

    The first user contributed blog article on installing LibreOffice is here! Yipee!

    LibreOffice 5.2 for Hipster - new packages

    SSHFS is very cool - new packages

    MPlayer 1.3.0 needs downgrade to 1.2.1 to work with ffmpeg 2.8.10

    Upgraded IPMI for the build KVM server - what a mess

    Preparation work for enabling https for the blog - what a mess

    Cleaning up old changes from my workspace

    Current issues with packages

    What is next

    Whats in the near future

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    Quick links to IPS Repositories

    • Posted on: 17 January 2017
    • By: tomww

    (seriously, do *not* mirror these repositories - instead help me build a release repo which is HA and can be mirrored)


    By clicking on the URL you can browse available packages for your OS:
    (X86 only! Donate a SPARC build zone? Well there is something in preparation, ask for updates on this!)

    Solaris 11 IPS Packages Repository (517)

    Solaris 12 (internal) IPS Packages Repository (291) OI151a8 (and a9) IPS Packages Respository (333)

    OmniOS IPS Packages Repository (192)

    OpenIndiana Hipster (moving target) IPS Packages Repository (234)

    discontinued: testing repo localhosts12nogccdeps -> please use localhosts12 now.


    To configure those repos as publishers use: (pick only the one matching you OS)
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhosts11  #S11
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhosts12  #S12
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhostoi151a8  #old OpenIndiana
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhostomnios  #OmniOS
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhostoih  #new OpenIndiana Hipster

    These repositories are 1:1 copies from the build machines, so please expect contents to change frequently and as well, the content may have bugs. Drop me a note (in the comments, or by email) if a package works (yeah, we like that!) or breaks for you (we need to know that).
    One day there will be a process which establishes a voting system. It should be used to promote packages from the development repositories to a public release repository. If you have ideas, how a test / promotion process should look like, please let me know (in the comments or by email).
    If you are a programmer who can create or at least design a web workflow for the package promotion, then please get in contact very soon to discuss possibilities.
    What we need as well for SFE are volunteers for testing the packages. Would you like to be one?

    What is it good for

    These are development repositories but good for normal use.
    For production use, you can compile packages yourself, or, help us building up a "release" repository with QA and a voting website to get packages promoted to "release".

    Mirroring the Repository?

    Please do *not* mirror these development repositories. You can download the package and prerequisite packages with special switch "-r" to the pkgrecv command. That saves capacities on the server. I'm sure you understand that mirroring 18Gbytes for the whole repository is not the right thing to do.
    Once a release repository exists, you are welcome to mirror this (though we understand that it only makes sense in very, very rare cases).
    Thank you!


    Please keep in mind: You can install any exact package version if you specify the *complete* FMRI listed including the timestamp.
    pkg list -avf postfix
    To install exaclty that version and no other, use:
    pfexec pkg install -v pkg://localhosts11/sfe/service/network/smtp/postfix@3.0.3,5.11-

    This way, you could install exactly an *older* or a *newer* package then the resolver would auto-select for you. This enables you to help yourself, in case we have a broken package in these build repositories. You simply install another version which is working for you.


    Drop me an email at sfepackages at g mail dot com - or create a useraccount here on the blog and leave me a comment.
    Need additonal packages? Put them on the package wishlist here!

    Solaris 11 SRU14 and Firefox 45 - Video Play Back With Ffmpeg

    • Posted on: 15 December 2016
    • By: tomww
    YoutTube HTML5 Testpage showing all video formats okay

    Recently released SRU14 for Solaris 11 gets us Firefox version 45.4!

    You can install ffmpeg/ and watch video / mp4 and more formats in Firefox 45.4.
    Or you could listen to soundcloud ...

    Sidenote: OpenIndiana Hipster are lucky too, they have Firefox 45.4 since a few months.

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