Why you should use SFE spec-files-extra packages on Solaris 11, OpenIndiana and OmniOS

Why should you use SFE spec-files-extra software packages?

Maybe because you have use for:

- network/security
- - fail2ban

- email/spam/antivirus
- - postfix
- - dovecot
- - spamassassin
- - dspam
- - amavis

- web
- - drupal7

- multimedia
- - mpd / gmpc
- - vlc
- - (mplayer / mpv)
- - ffmpeg

- database/network info services
- - postfix
- - mysql
- - openldap
- - freeradius

Talk on building Solaris/OpenIndiana Packages with SFE in January 2015 in Frankfurt (FRAOSUG)

The nice guys at the FRAOSUG (Frankfurt OpenSolaris Usergroup) convinced me to give a talk on how to build packages for Solaris/OpenSolaris and maybe OmniOS with the build system I use for SFE.

So in January 2015 you can join the meeting, details will be written on the hompage of the FRAOSUG http://fraosug.de and here in the blog.

Omnios and SFE? YES!

Quick note: I managed to compile gcc based on local/edited SFEgcc.spec - that means we can get SFE packages on Omnios very soon. If you are interested in using packages or compile yourself, quick, let me know. It can only get faster out of the door then.

new repository online, for OpenIndiana OI_151a8

Hi *

Now the IPS repository for SFE packages built on OpenIndiana oi_151a8 is online.

Note: This is an experimental repository, you should think on making snapshots before installing / updating packages which are important to you. Just in case something goes wrong.

If you have questions or just want to say "thanks, it works", just drop a note by email or on the IRC channel #pkgbuild on irc.freenode.org (please idle around for longer to get us some more time to respond).

News about automatic build runs Dec 2013

Update 20130108 vlc is now available for Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana OI151a8

currently another round of automatic build runs is heating the CPUs.

Additionally, I could solve some problems in the package stack for vlc, so please expect to appear vlc 2.1.1 or vlc 2.1.2 in the next few days on the repository localhosts11 and localhostoi151a8, which targets Solaris 11 (TM) and OpenIndiana oi151a8. MPlayer and / or its successor mpv should follow soon.

Migrate your Repository URL now

Now we have reached the successful migration of the last writes to the old SVN repository.
The new SF SVN repo now contains the latest commits (around April 22nd, commit 5338).
I could send two commits in (SFEopus.spec), so you'll see repo revision 5340 now.

Your action:
****Important to get access to the new repository***
Start relocating your local copy of the
repository to the new URL.

You might want to do a backup of your local files first,
e.g. with:

IPS Package Repository on sfe.opencsw.org

Update 201401 there is a new repository localhostoi151a8 with packages built on oi_151a8, use pkg set-publisher -g http://sfe.opencsw.org/localhostoi151a8 or click on the URL for access (edit 201404).

Update 20121201 the localhostoi and localhosts11 publisher got some fresh packages, e.g. netatalk3. Next will be solving a few packages not finished building and then we'll start updating the main repository.