Totally Thrilled: LibreOffice for OpenIndiana Hipster

LibreOffice for OpenIndiana Hipster is now in SFE spec-files-extra! Other OS-Distro will follow!

I'm totally thrilled! Burning 10 hours of CPU time and what is the result?

We have LibreOffice now in SFE!

What does that mean? You can build it on your own or use the ready built binary IPS-package (expect the package to be up before Friday 14th Aug 2015)

NewsFlash - Openindiana Hipster Support starts

NewsFlash: OpenIndiana Hipster support starts. Though a bit challenging, Hipster gets support in SFE now. The challenge is, that Hipster stopped using Solaris Studio compilers. That means, every distro provided C++ library is now only usable with the GCC compiler. That breaks a lot spec files which are written for the default compiler Solaris Studio.
Well, we try to follow, but *no* promise that your favourite SFE package will be available any time soon. Furtunatly, there are a large number of packages which just compile fine with gcc and/or just don't contain C++ library calls.

Newsflash - Repository localhosts12 under full rebuild

Newsflash: The Build-Machine for S12 has been updated from build 66 to build 79 and the complete set of SFE packages is currently rebuilt. SFEgcc is now at 4.8.5 (with LINK_LIBGCC_SPEC)
Update 20150810: the rebuild works, one highlight will be boost 0.58 and anoter highly desired package will hopefully work (wou'll have to guess which one can be based in the supporting libs snet to svn during the past few days)

Samba 4.2 with Active Directory support is leaving experimental

SFEsamab42.spec is leaving experimental/ soon. It contains support for Active Directory and is currently in testing.

Expect the binary packages to appear during the next one or two weeks (approx until Aug 14th 2015).
Do you have any comments or questions? Use the comment function, drop me an email or use IRC on
channel #pkgbuild

Thanks for using SFE packages and have a nice day!


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These are development repositories but good for normal use.
For production use, you can compile packages yourself, or, help us building up a "release" repository with QA.

Please note: (20150805) There is a new repository in preparation, expect it to go online around Aug 14th: OpenIndiana Hipster - stay tuned!

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localhostoi151a8 testing Repository for OpenIndiana OI151a8 (and a9) is updated

During the last days, the testing repository for OpenIndiana OI151a8 (most packages should work in OI151a9 as well) got an update.
You can for instance find vlc, postfix, dovecot, tightvnc, and so on in this repostory. Please test the packages and give feedback, so I can collect package names and versions that can be promoted to an official repository soon.

If you whish to have SFE packages included, please drop me a note on any channel where you can find me (well that should not be to difficult).

Have fun with SFE packages and thanks for supporting SFE!