The Workbench 2023-01

  • Posted on: 28 January 2023
  • By: tomww

The long promised builds on sparc Solaris 11.4 CBE have started. There are around 40 perl modules I needed for a project on sparc, so the right trigger fired. Expect the packages on the sfe IPS repositories any time soon. The prework is to do a fresh setup of the build environment with the ansible playbooks (read below).

The load balancer "pound" has been updates to version 4. It uses a simple config file and can match on domain, URL regex or ports. The major impovement is, that is can handle websockets. The upgrade was needed, as my test-run with Home Assistant badly needed websockets...

CBE setup script as ansible playbook. For the sparc packaging project the time was right and I wrote an ansible playbook and a SFEcbe.spec to carry the daily init scripts for the common build environment (CBE). With the setup mentioned above on a T4 LDOM, I'll finalize the scripts. Prerequities will be that you have a host running a recent version of ansible (Solaris 11.4 CBE (42) is okay). Then you install the p5-packages "cbe" and after that you run the ansible script from a separate host or from the host itself. Best will be to do snapshots before and/or install into a zone or an LDOM. It works too if you install CBE on the global zone. The Developer Studio Compiler in the developer licensed version is sufficient.

Just updated the spec file for MySQL 8.0.32 - but not yet tried compiling it (it is a real monster compile). Please expect this to happen during the next few days. I'll update this article if this was successfull. Or watch the IPS repo and see if the new version appears.

Samba has been updates to 4.17.5. A domain provision guide is written to make your server an Active Domain Controller where your windows stations can join the AD domain and eventually store windows roaming profiles and get group policies:

If you want to run SFE packages on sparc, then drop me note right now: sfepackages at g mail dot com


Edited: 20230128 samba 4.17.5