The Workbench 2023-03

  • Posted on: 16 March 2023
  • By: tomww

For OmniOS 151038 and later there is now SSHFS (Version 2.10 for now, package system/file-system/sshfs@2.10)
You can mount the far side filesystem just through a SSH connection. The SSHFS project is looking for a new maintainer. This could probably you?

Update 20230311: As preparation for a package "power dns" (pdns) there is now an experimental package lua 5.4 (OmniOS). Do you want to use pdns and need special options like mysql as data source? If yes, then please drop me a note and I'll see if the option can be built.

For Solaris 11.4 SSHFS is as well available, but the kernel module used is derived from illumos. So please make sure, that it works stable enough for your use case.
It would be very well received, if someone could put some checks on the fusefs kernel module and see if it does the right thing.

Solaris 11.4:
There is progress in building additional perl modules on Sparc. The basic message with this is, you will see SFE packages compiled for the Sparc platform published shortly. *)
Update 20230307: sparcv9 kernel module fuse is working and sshfs is able to mount a remote directory (yay!!). Only the setup for the T4-1 w/ S11.4 CBE is not finished at the moment or you would be ablte install the sshfs package right now...

If you want to run SFE packages on sparc Solaris 11.4 (or 11.3), then drop me a note right now: sfepackages at g mail dot com

Update 20230316: python debugpy and debugpy-run arrived. Packages should be in the IPS repos soon or use pip. I follwoed this guid and it works fantatically fine:


*) shortly means: Once the photovoltaic modules start feeding power to the bulding, I'll switch on the Sparc hardware and run the build batches there.


/pdns_server --version
PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.7.3

early package is available for @omniosce.
Module 'bind' is there,
backends sqlite, mysql and pgsql will follow (Update: backends mysql and sqlite3 are available now)