The Workbench 2023-04

  • Posted on: 29 April 2023
  • By: tomww

Hi all,

packages for Perl Remote Debugging with Perl::LanguageServer are available for OmniOS r151038 (build for r151044 perl-5.36 is on the way) and Solaris 11.4 x86 SRU42 CBE and later. I can tell you, that was a piece of work. But remote debugging really is a lot of fun!
An early blog article with the two most important settings for remote editing and remote debugging will be published here on the blog later. The Setup uses the free of charge Visual Studio Code that runs on Windows (standalone ZIP is available for those on locked-down company workstations!), MacOS and Linux. With the plugin SSH-FS in VS Code you get access to remote files and with a path mapping in the config, you get remote debugging in VS Code: Displaying data variable and source code while you step through your code oddities, have breakpoints and so on.

Next work will be making pdns PowerDNS on Solaris and OmniOS a full featured packages, including backends bind and optionally store records on MySQL and PostgreSQL. Do you want pdns on Sparc too?
Or you need one of the additional packages like "PowerDNS Recursor", then please drop me a note and I'll try adding it as separate package.
In case you can test PowerDNS IPS package, then I would love to hear from you too.
Update 20230407: pdns got the mysql and sqlite3 modules as well as pdns tools added (IPS package uploaded for OmniOS 151038 and up, Solaris 11.4 x86 will follow)
Update 20230407: An early draft setup guide is here, please try and give me feedback:

Update 20230426: Compiling MySQL 8.0.33 for Solaris 11.4 x64 and later for Omnios. Looks good.

Update 20230429: Currently I'm running batch builds on OmniOS 151044 and Solaris 11.4 x86 CBE(42), so expect every now and then a larger number of updates to SFE packages.

As building Perl and Python IPS packages gives good results on Sparc Solaris 11.4 (in a separate project), it'll only take some more days until I find some time to setup my sparc server, do a lengthy compile session and then upload these packages to the IPS repositories here. (Remember: There is package "cbe" in case you want to compile SFE packages yourself!)