The Workbench 2023-07

  • Posted on: 9 July 2023
  • By: tomww

Hey all,

made a new approach to get the three packages for PowerDNS done. The first one is "pdns" itself, it already works on Omnios >= 151038.
This successfully serves from old BIND zone files (easy transition) or you can import with converter script into MySQL or sqlite databases.
The missing piece to a complete solution is in the works:
a) powerdns-recursor (does recursive resolving and may be installed multipe time al lover the datacenter).
b) powerdns dnsdist (does redirect queries to either pdns for your local domains or to the internet DNS resolvers

About MySQL and latest Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU: Oracle added MySQL Version 8 to Solaris!!! So as expected, we get two packages with the same name but the real slush is not fatal, but prevents from updating Solaris SRU to the latest Version: syslog has now a dependency on MySQL client library package and therefore I need to go out of way of the Oracle MySQL packages. Anytime soon I'll have worked out a smooth transition path and the Oracle dependency requirements are met and as well the sfe mysql variant can be installed.
Sure you can uninsall all SFE mysql packages and go with the Oracle MySQL packages if you choose.

As always, please provide some nurturing feedback so I know, that this SFE project is in any kind useful to you. sfepackages at g mail dot com - thank you!