The Workbench 2022-11

  • Posted on: 18 November 2022
  • By: tomww

Hi all,

as OmniOS has a new LTS release, the Build-VM for OmniOS will upgrade to 151044 LTS too.
In case you really need new packages / version of SFE packge backported, then please drop me a note at sfepackages at g mail dot com or on Twitter @sfepackages and I'll have a look.

Edit 20221109 - sfepackages is now in fediverse:

If you are interested in setting up your very own build instance for SFE packages, then stay tuned. I'm doing an attempt to make an ansible playbook with default settings that can be overridden by a vars file. For folks without ansible I'll try to provide a shell script doing the very same setup steps. To get an idea what the steps for setting up the build environment are, have a look at this article:


Edit 20221118: The changes in OmniOS 151044 are a bit more, as e.g. major version number of script interpreters change. So a larger rebuild will be needed. I'll take this as a trigger for a complete rebuild of at least the more important packages (prefereably all packages). Until then, 151038 has a good collection though. As long as the packages don't need perl and python, they should work.

Edit 20221117: Working on an ansible playbook to setup a build environment for SFE. It will be modeled after the steps descrined in this guide: