The Workbench 2023-11

  • Posted on: 20 November 2023
  • By: tomww

Hi all,

the solar PV generators are in place and working. So I make good on my promise and switch on the Sparc machine!

The build Environment will be Solaris 11.4 CBE, the developer version from here
It was announced here:
And as far as I can see this is the license:
If someone wants to grant a production license, that would enable regular builds on more recent SRUs. Else I would need a granted build-Zone from anyone (well that goes back to the very first times I build with SFE, the old Sun Microsystems Cloud instances - yes that was a cloud then).

If you know the SFE packages and would like to see a specific packages made available first, then please drop me a note.
To get and idea what might be available, look into the IPS publishers linked here:

About Openindiana and MySQL. They are dropping the MySQL branch and move to Maria-DB. In principle SFE could provide a MySQL package and associated Perl modules on Openindiana. Do you want to help out a little bit? If there is a chance that OpenIndiana installs smoothly under SmartOS bhyve hypervisor, then please let me know your setup/configuration.

About Omnios and target OS releases. The release 151038-LTS ist currently active with building SFE packages. For 151046-LTS I'll try a complete rebuild of SFE packages next. Just in case of strong need, drop me a note if you want packages for 151044-LTS - currently I try to skip this release as many 151038-LTS built packages might just work on 151044-LTS.

Update 20231119: Currently building on OmniOSce 151046-LTS - I might skip 151044. First addition is SFEgcc updated to version 11.4.
Update 20231120: gcc-11.4 and MySQL 8.0.35 are available for OmniOSce r151046LTS