The Workbench 2024-02 "sparc repo"

  • Posted on: 8 February 2024
  • By: tomww

Hey all,

as promised, with the Sun coming back and the photovoltaics generating absolutely green power, compiling and packaging for the Sparc Platform ramps up. Currently there is no public repository, but will be very soon!
It will be called "sfe" and no longer the cumbersome "localhost*something*" which was originally just meant to be an internal name and then packages should be tested and reviewed by others and then moved to a more meaningful repo like, well, "sfe". I'm going to skip this extra work of reviewing and publishing. Beginning with this new repo, packages will be built, then published. Done.
"Release"-model is then just "rolling".

The sparc machine will be part of the automated build process on Solaris similar to what is already esablished for OmniOS r151038, r151046, x86 Solaris 11.3, x86 Solaris 11.4 CBE42 and the new Sparc Solaris 11.4 CBE42.

Currently the manual builds produced packages for Sparc Solaris 11.4 CBE42 consist of these packages:

# pkg list -a | grep sfe | grep -v /src
web/server/nginx (sfe) 1.25.3- i--
database/mysql-80 (sfe) i--
database/mysql-80/client (sfe) i--
database/mysql-80/library (sfe) i-- (not ready for past SRU50-something)
database/mysql-80/tests (sfe) i--
sfe/database/mysql-common (sfe) i--
library/g++/icu (sfe) 74.2- i--
mail/library/libspf2 (sfe) 1.2.10- i--
service/network/dns/dnsdist (sfe) 1.8.3- i--
service/network/dns/pdns (sfe) 4.8.4- i--
service/network/dns/pdns-recursor (sfe) 4.9.2- i--
service/network/imap/dovecot (sfe) 2.3.21- i--
system/library/g++/boost (sfe) 1.84.0- i--
system/library/g++/boost/documentation (sfe) 1.84.0- i--
system/library/g++/boost/header-boost (sfe) 1.84.0- i--
sfe/runtime/lua (sfe) 5.4.6- i--
sfe/editor/gnu/bvi (sfe) 1.4.2- i--
sfe/database/bdb (sfe) 5.3.28- i--
sfe/developer/gcc (sfe) i--
sfe/developer/gcc-11 (sfe) i--
sfe/system/library/gcc-11-runtime (sfe) i--
sfe/system/library/gcc-runtime (sfe) i--
sfe/library/gmp (sfe) 6.2.1- i--
sfe/library/gnu/openldap (sfe) 2.4.59- i--
sfe/library/mpc (sfe) 1.3.1- i--
sfe/library/mpfr (sfe) 4.2.0- i--
components/library/libsodium (sfe) 1.0.19- i--