The Workbench 2017-06

  • Posted on: 5 July 2017
  • By: tomww

Postgresql, Dovecot with Clucene Search, Samba with AD

Quick first release of the workbench communication. I'll update this article over the next few days.

I plan for these updates. If you want me add special features or more packages you are in need of, then drop me a note right now!

  • Upgrade Postgresql to 9.6.3 and prepare packages for OmniOS, OpenIndiana and Solaris 11 (12) (Done for S11 and OmniOS)
  • Add full text search/indexing for the server side of dovecot
  • merge in the samba vfs_zfsacl and fine-tune the now working Active Directory provisioning (I was able to provision and then join the AD with a Window 8.1 machine)

If you want to contribute to SFE, or just have a question, comment or the need for packages, then don't hesitat to contact me on sfepackages at g mail dot com  or register a user here (bcs spamprotection) on the blog and post a comment.


Drupal 8 Blog Migration

Moving to drupal 8 for this blog is getting realistic. The migration guides available promise to be able to migrate the articles, users and selected settings. On my local workstation (S11) I'll setup an empty drupal 8 once I manage to get postgresl 9.6.3 up and running.

If someone feels to help out a litte with the design process for the new drupal 8 installation, please speak up and get in contact with me. It is not a requirement to know blogs in detail. Most of the help I can use is go through the articles and check them for propper display, links and so on.


Other News

I've blogged about a special behavior of postfix. It looks like it writes and probably polls like crazy for new files in the /var/spool/postfix/ directory, so if you're using the default ZFS layout, you end up in "rpool" which never has a LOG device. That way, you may slow down your machine damatically as ZFS always wants consitency. And rpool is not the right place for a spool directory then. In the long term, postfix needs to stop doing kind of writing storms. Someone needs to check the postfix code (is this you?). Contact me to discuss a testing setup for you.

Thanks for using SFE and please speak out loud about it!





if you can test the new postgresql 9.6.3 package, that would be helpful.
It is available for Solaris 11 (Update: Package is online since 20170723) and for OmniOS.

What would you like to see in a quick-start guide to get to speed easily?
I believe it is more then just writing about the automatic DB_inti with this command:

svcadm enable -s postgres-96:default_64

Thanks for dropping a note with your ideas into a comment here on the blog, or write an email to sfepackages at g mail dot com