The SFE Handbook- Quick Start Packages in SFE

  • Posted on: 12 January 2022
  • By: tomww

Quick help for SFE packages on how to setup the software, e.g. posfix, dovecot, mysql.

Find useful configuration tips for first start of a SFE package here.

Examples are how to configure a postfix email server with dovecot and SMTP authentication.

This book is *open* to user contribution.
Do you run a SFE package and want to share your best practise / howto?

Then this is your turn to write down the basics and either edit the article yourself or just send me your rough drafts so I can add the article for you (Credits to you! Or do you want to stay anonymous? Both is fine as sharing is caring!).

Sharing your knowledge about how to configure F/OSS software is highly appreciated!

Thomas and the SFE users