Submit Package Request (experimental, please test!)

  • Posted on: 13 May 2017
  • By: tomww


Dear Users of SFE packages,

this day I created an early submission form on the blog to capture your packaging or upgrade requests for SFE packages.

Please test the webform even with fake data (use a name easily identified as such).
Please send in what you think about it. Comments are open to registered blog users.

Best Regards,


Hi all,
unfortunatly the package request form doesn't show up. I think this is a problem in drupal and the extension module that makes up that form. I hope I find some time to repaire this.

If you like drop me an email or a tweet @sfepackages or sfepackages at g mail dot com


Python-27 has been obsoleted, and LO5 has a dependency. I know not a priority, just a nice to have

pkg install libreoffice52
Creating Plan (Solver setup): -
pkg install: No matching version of desktop/application/libreoffice52 can be installed:
Reject: pkg://localhosts12/desktop/application/libreoffice52@
Reason: All acceptable versions of 'require' dependency on runtime/python-27@2.7.12- are obsolete

Hi bdporter,
one day I might agin build a more recent LO...
Nice to hear, that the LO package is still in use!

But until then, I think the you might have success with the "Option 1" described here:

That way, the packages python2.7 can stay installed and aren't kicked out with the upgrade.
I never did the version unlock after an upgrade (ever only before), but I think this should enable re-installing the python packages on more recent SRU.

Please let me know if this workaround works for you.