The Workbench 2017-03

  • Posted on: 19 March 2017
  • By: tomww

Received a sparc machine as a long-term loan

Some weeks ago I've got a sparc machine for sparc builds of SFE packages. The ILOM is already tested, but it'll take another while until I can setup the OS and integrate the SFE CBE (Common build Environment). Currently a long awaited side project is the cause for delays: A fully integrated CBE package for the build environment that turned out to be a larger project then I thought. I think I'll postpone that CBE-package and instead do a manual setup of the CBE now.

If you are interested in getting basic SFE packages build on sparc, then please get in contact with me soon, so I can try the right packages first. I don't want to stop with postfix/dovecot/perl modules, what do **you** need first?
Let me know! You may use the contact form, tweet to @sfepackages or send email to sfepackages at g mail dot com.

Kudos go to Volker Brandt for the machine! If you are keen enough to join Volker on pushing me to really build fine SFE-packages on sparc, then things can only go faster. (Promise: If there is no demand, I'll better save the cycles).

Asking for feedback, what do you want next? What works for you and what doesn't?

Dear users of SFE. I can see high 2-digit download numbers of LibreOffice 5.2 on Solaris 11 (Hipster has its own numbers). I believe you have something nice to say or you even have some keen idea what SFE should provide next.

Please give me feedback, so I can focus on stuff you can really make use of.
You may use the contact form, tweet to @sfepackages or send email to sfepackages at g mail dot com.


Moving to let's encrypt for the blog site

I'd try to move the blog site to https, but the first attempt in doing this dual, that is, unencrypted and encrypted in one setup didn't really work. I think the load balancers (two in the whole chain) did their part fine, but drupal 7 can't handle that propperly for Javascript: The embedded Javascript blocks didn't switch propperly to httpS URLs, so I'll go back to the workbench. The next attempt will be a https-only-setup. Users of the old unencrypted URLs will then be redirected to the https URL. The IPS repos stay unencrypted for the moment, as I believe the donated hosting zone (thanks to !!!) can't handle the encryption CPU load if we serve millions of single files.


Samba 4.4.9 and ntvfs aren't friends right now

Unfortunatly, I have to puzzle over a core dump that is given to me when running samba 4.4.9 with an active domain constroller setup created by this command:

samba-tool domain provision --use-rfc2307 --interactive --use-xattrs=yes --use-ntvfs

It looks like the tries to initialize and while doing that, it runs into a non linked funktion lpcfg_service which is not present in the loaded libraries. Currently I'm trying to setup a debugging environment to verify this and as well I try to understand if the lpcfg_service call is not there because a normally static-linked module is now dynamic or not linked at all (


OpenIndiana got a boost after FOSDEM

It was very apparent that the FOSDEM conference was a real motivational push for all the nice people behind the names we normally only see doing commits to the code base and chat on IRC and write email on the lists. I believe we all had a very good time and where able to much much much more understand the way every one is wired differently and how to talk in the right ways. We are all interesting and somewhat special individuals (But all have been very nice!)
If you are running a community maintaining software or are a software vendor, I can only encourage you to send your people to conferences and meetings. Often. Very often. They'll tell you if it's too much. And there is no excuse for not holding community meetings. It is keeping your community at much better health.


Thank you for using SFE and please talk about loud!




By the way, the download numbers for Solaris 11 LibreOffice 5.2 make me smile. It must be over 50 people since January who loaded LibreOffice 5 for Solaris 11. Upgraders and fresh install. I hope very much that you can make good use of LibreOffice!
If you are a data miner, please talk to me. I would like to calculate which number are upgraders (keep supporitng libs) and which number are new installs (install supporting libs and libreoffice itself). How could this be done.

If you want to tell what you are doing with LO, then please write a comment so others can see what can be done without having to use Windows or Linux!.

For OpenIndiana Hipster the download numbers are two digit as well, but somewhat lower. I can't tell if it's the workaround needed or if its the lack of knowledege about the SFE IPS repository itself. OpenIndina would for sure do itself a favour if the better promote the 3rd-party repositories.
Do you have an idea how to attract OpenIndiana Hipster users to install LibreOffice 5 now? Please comment!


Quick note about happy download numbers in Apri 2017:

S11 LO 52 42 downloads
Hipster LO 52 16 downloads

still populer, maybe due to a bit faster running speed then the 5ish series:
S11 LO4 10 downloads
Hipster LO4 12 downloads

Folks, these download numbers make me happy!


(Numbers catched from real downloaded /file/ entries unique to one LO version. Date range: Mar 28th to Apr 28th)

N.B. People you didn't write questions, comments for a while, is everything working for you? What do you want as a fresh packages for instance?

Hi Thomas,

LO4.4.5.2 is working great on one of my two machines (S11.3 SRU 17), but LO is constantly crashing on the other (same OS). I'll see if I can get some more details, but it might take a little while.

Thanks for this effort! It keeps my Solaris desktop alive ;-)


I've seen LO5 crashes on S11 as well, but found an alternative to circumvent the crash. Unfortunatly I forgot what is was. If I remember I'll post a comment, so we can see if we hit the same problem.
My Desktop is also Solaris only. Except developing photos, where I haven't finished packaging darktable (so foto-devel is still a Windows task at the moment).