The Workbench 2017-08

  • Posted on: 27 August 2017
  • By: tomww

Perdition POP3, IMAP and Managesieve Proxy Server

You may create a lager scale email infrastructure and want to load balance the requests.

Or you want to setup a migraton path to access several independent imap servers be accessible through a single server where users log in. Rules on that server redirect POP3/IMAP/Sieve to the real email server with the actual mail strore. These different mailservers are allowed to be made of different products.

Please note: You need a more fresh Solaris 11 then the base 11.3 Update to run perdition 2.2. The reason is, that OpenSSL got updated to have compile-time-enabled the "EC" feature.
So I'll add perdition 2.2 for use with SRU 11.3 (read about SSL features for verison 2.2 on
For use on Solaris 11.3 without SRUs I'll add as well perdition 2.1 which doesn't need the updated OpenSSL.

OmniOS and OpenIndiana Users will be able to use perdition version 2.2.


DCC and Spamassassin for Tagging Email as Spam

Spamassassin spec files have been updated and together with the corresponding perl modules for the extentions DCC and Razor2 have been updated. A setup guid is planned to follow on this blog. Please drop me a note if you are interested. Once the guide is ready, I'll drop you a note but as well ask you for feedback if the guide looks good to you (it's not mandatory that you really do an install of spamassassin / dcc).

Read more about:

More and completely different spam tagging solutions can be added to the IP repository as well. Just drop me a note about the tools and pointers on how to configure those.


As always, thank you for using SFE.
If you have comments, questions, want a package added, then plesae drop me a note on sfepackages at g mail dot com  - or create a user account here on the blog and post a comment.




Small note, currently there is a rebuild ongoing to get back TLS into VLC.
It would otherwise not be able to run network streams over https for instance.
I'd discover that while watching the FrosCon 2017 conference live streams (default to https, http has been available as manual fallback)

BTW: Version will again be at 2.1.5, if you need a few version then please drop me a note!

If vlc completes and has TLS, then I'll upload that to the repository. Stay tuned!