The Workbench 2017-09

  • Posted on: 12 September 2017
  • By: tomww

Dear SFE users,

this month "The Workbench 2017-09" looks at the open tasks for this month.

OmniOSce Build VM

I plan for adding a completely fresh build VM for OmniOSce. As it looks, OmniOSce does very well these days. They are publish updates regularly.

I want to take the chance to rebuild the packages on OmniOSce r151022o. Until I manged to rebuild most of the packagtes, you should be able to use the packages that have been built on old OmniTI OmniOS 151014.

The IPS repository URLs will stay, as IPS should be able to only provide the newly compiled packages to the new OmniOS/OmniOSce version.

Suport for the OmniOS (OmniTI) version will still work for a while, as OmniOSce does not differ too much form it.

Upcoming Solaris 11.4 Build VM

I'll do the same "rebuild" from scratch as promised for OmniOSce. Though these rebuild will take much longer due to the massive number of packages we have in the localhosts11 repistory.

For the first shot I'll try to keep the version upgrades of the individual packages to a minumum. If you need a package in an updated version, then you are the one dropping me a not about this. If you want, use the (experimental) web form to submit your request:

Lucky users in the situation to have access to the pre-versions of Solaris 11.4 can try the localhosts12 publisher.


Add Bind 9.x Server to OmniOS

If you can't use "unbound" that is on the localhostimnios repository, then you might want the full packages of bind DNS Server. It need little work to make this new spec file, but then you should be able to run your existing bind9 DNS zone files on OmniOS. The existing package named "bind" in OmniOS is unfortunately only the bind-client libraries.


As always, I would like *you* to ask questions about SFE. And I would like *you* to speak and blog an tweet about SFE. That would be very much appreciated to make the project any more pupular.
One of the very pupular packages I can see in the download statistics is LibreOffice5. It is several hundreds of downloads sind it was added to the SFE repositories Solaris 11 (+12) and OpenIndiana.

If you like the project or have questions or want to volunteer:
Very much appreciated is an email to sfepackages at q mail dot org
and you can send tweets to @sfepackages (DM is open) or write a comment to the blog articles here in