The Workbench 2016-06

  • Posted on: 23 June 2016
  • By: tomww

Some quick notes about what's happening on the SFE side.

LibreOffice5 is on the workbench in Australia.

Foswiki (perl) now has all its required modules in the repository. So CGI-Mode looks working but mod_perl doesn't play well at the moment. Either troubles with Apache rewrite rules loosing the tag "perl-script" or perl 5.12 on S11 is not suitable. Need help from a mod_perl guru. Know one?

Rebuild of the audio stack for Music Player Daemon (
So you may see this "mpd" and very likely "vlc" / "mplayer" fail finding some libraries.
Please drop me a note, if you experience such problems.
Once the different "customers" of those libs are all rebuilt, things should be working for all of them.

Heavy thoughs go into the GCC runtime area, as there is currently no simple / lightwight solution if the user insists on having the OSDistro supplied GCC compiler 4.8.x. Currently you can not install SFE gcc runtime and the OSDistro supplied gcc compiler at the same time. They share a number of files in /usr/gcc/4.8/. Workaround is installing only the SFEgcc compiler and not the one from the OSDistro. This should work for most users, unfortunatly not for core developers who should really use the OSDistro provided compiler so they can deal with their own product.

You have Questions? Please drop me a note here on the comments or write a friendly received email to sfepackages at g mail dot com