The Workbench 2016-07

  • Posted on: 6 August 2016
  • By: tomww

What is currently on my workbench?  (There is a new workbench article 2016-08 available)

(Edit:) In the meanwhile I'll try to get LibreOffice 4 to S12 - the procfs.h compile issue is now solved and I'm fixing small issues as they appear while building on S12. Package compiles, will be uploaded in early version without dictionaries and language files. Once it appears on publisher "localhosts12" you may do first tests.
(Edit2:) LibreOffice 4 works on S12 - thanks to some few lines of code changes from a collegue!

(Edit3 20160725:) I've got a message from down-under that LibreOffice 5.1 will hit my workbench very soon, stay tuned!

The perl modules for making up foswiki are done and uploaded. If someone could test this on a webserver. foswiki itself is to be downloaded separately. Please send me a report how that worked and in case something needs fixing, please tell me the modules and if available a suggested fix. The install instructions on the foswiki are pretty detailed and I believe if someone would take the config generator the setup would be streamlined. Please report back!

(Edit:) Installing foswiki seems to be really easy. Drop/unpack the source tarball, install the perl modules from SFE which are displayed by the perl script, use the Apache config file generator and place the config on your disk. Restart Apache and you should have a running foswiki. And you have ZFS which will make foswiki fast.

Bringing openssl into SFE as one of the foundations for the planned webstack. I believe this helps keeping the internet facing webstack more easily up-to-date.

I've tried nodejs 5.11.0 but it seems to have issues with header files of openssl, needs investigation.

A bunch of additional perl modules are in the repos now (e.g. perl-5/fgci, perl-5/cgi).

Resuming SFE development on a Sparc based build host. I have offers for guest a sparc based zone, and I hope to get to finish the Build-Environment setup soon.

Thanks much for using SFE and please, talk about it!

Any questions, wishes for packages, anything else? Drop me a note here in the comments or write me an email at sfepackages at g mail dot com


PS: If you are good in english writing skills, would you like to help out making the website more readable? That would help the project very much! No technical skills needed, the website is easy to use.


There may be very few Testers, as S12 is not avaiable for public. Or is there a legal way to get S12 for users without support subscription?