Why you should use SFE spec-files-extra packages on Solaris 11, OpenIndiana and OmniOS

  • Posted on: 12 November 2014
  • By: tomww

Why should you use SFE spec-files-extra software packages?

Maybe because you have use for:

- network/security
- - fail2ban

- email/spam/antivirus
- - postfix
- - dovecot
- - spamassassin
- - dspam
- - amavis

- web
- - drupal7

- multimedia
- - mpd / gmpc
- - vlc
- - (mplayer / mpv)
- - ffmpeg

- database/network info services
- - postfix
- - mysql
- - openldap
- - freeradius

And there are a lot more. If you like, write in the comments which stacks you're finding usefull. There is as well a package whishlist here in the blog which should be extended.
If you already use SFE packages, I would like to ask you if you want to write an article here on the blog, or at least give some input so I can write about your use case.

Thanks for using SFE packages!



I use Solaris 11.2, compiled few apps myself for it and I am happy to use VLC, Sauerbraten, mediathek view, Wine, Scribus and OpenOffice for now. I will explore more in the future. I would be interested about feedback from others, so come on, tell us your experience! :)