The Workbench 2022-02

  • Posted on: 17 February 2022
  • By: tomww

Note: Early version of Solaris mysql-80@8.0.28 crashed in "ALTER TABLE". This is fixed now, please "pkg update -v mysql-80@" (replace update with install for fresh installs) (edited 20220217T132500Z

Hi all,

as MySQL 8.0.28 is finished on X86 Solaris 11.3 and Solaris 11.4 and as well on OmniOS 151038, I'll move on to samba 4.15.4 this month. It is planned to have it on all OS, but this needs transition to 64-bit for samba, as the python interpreter is now 64-Bit. Python is heavily involved in setting up the Active Directory structures.

So, samba 4.15.4 update is on the workbench and prerequisite libraries for required package gpg are being updated right now. My success criteria for samba is again to run it as primary Active Directory controller. Including the feature roaming profiles for Windows 10 clients.

If you want to try Active Directory with your OmniOS or Solaris Server, then please drop me a note. I should have a draft setup guide available for you. COntact me on @sfepackages or email to sfepackages a g mail dot com.

Update (1):
For the samba update the prerequisite libs have been updated. A special thing was the dual 32/64-bit setup that doesn't play nicely out of the box with the style the config-info scripts are done in the stack. So the solution is now, that if you want to consume a lib, you export PATH before and set it to either PATH=/usr/gnu/bin/i86/:$PATH or ATH=/usr/gnu/bin/amd64/:$PATH (for sparc: sparcv7 or sparcv9). Then the "configure"-step of the consuming program runs into the config scripts with the rights answers for 32 or 64 bit library paths.

Just for info, the updated packages are these.
SFEgnupg2.spec 2.2.33
SFEgpgme.spec 1.16.0
SFElibassuan.spec 2.5.5
SFElibgcrypt-gnu.spec 1.8.8
SFElibgpg-error-gnu.spec 1.44
SFElibksba.spec 1.6.0

If you want a template for new libraries, then you can start with these two files:
SFEtemplate32-64.spec base-specs/template32-64.spec (from here:
As always, learning RPM spec files is in large parts learning the reguar Linux RPM format, but you may guess, the style is a bit different on Illumos/Solaris. But reading similar spec files for other libs and programs should help you to learn quickly how that works. A setup-guide to make up a spec-files-extra build system that can compile these files into propper IPS packages is described here:

If you want extra perl modules, the process is automated with a script that takes the module name. It is kind of a simple CPAN that creates proper IPS packages one after the other (see


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predrag.zecevic's picture

OpenIndiana already have samba package:

:; pkg list samba
service/network/samba 4.12.5-2020.0.1.2 i--

Is there any special reason why do yo need own version?
Just curious.

Best regards

Hi Predrag,
yes, but OmniOS, Solaris 11.3, Solaris 11.4 has not. SFE has Version 4.15.5 now.
And the killer question is, does the OpenIndiana samba successfully provision an Active Directory Domain?
I used this for a Office setup with Windows 10 clients plus Roaming Profiles and Group Policies served by Samba.
Best Regards