FOI001 - Friends of Illumos - Podcast from @FOSDEM 2019

  • Posted on: 1 February 2020
  • By: tomww

FOI001 - Friends of Illumos - @FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels

At the @FOSDEM conference on February 3rd 2019 in Brussels there was the idea to make a podcast "Friends of Illumos" and talk about the achievements and whats to be done.

You can find all episodes on:

  • Intro and say hello
  • Upstreaming Patches
  • Software Modernization and LTS e.g. OpenSSL, integration of external projects
  • Packaging and Application Stacks 00:21:55.112 Spread the Work About Illumos
  • Make upstream people aware about the OS - don't remove support - add the OS as target to Continuos Integration Systems!
  • Illumos Organization to support attenting events or use something like "Software in the public interest foundation" helping OpenZFS project
  • Documentaion - explain to me as if I'm five
  • Outro and Links


Guests: Allan Jude, Till Wegmüller,
Audience Guest: Volker Brandt
Host: Thomas Wagner

Music: Licensed CC-BY-3.0-US

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Regards after a much too short night in the Hotel,


The next podcast episode #002 will be recorded around Feb 6th @FOSDEM.
Dear Friends of Illumos,
Once again, it's time to record a new Friends of Illumos episode for the FOSDEM conference (Feb 6th+7th and a virtual illumos stand!). Recording has been really fun last time (FOI001).
I would be very happy if you would contribute to the podcast episode FOI002. Your topics can be around Illumos / OpenZFS / SmartOS / OmniOSce / OpenIndiana / Tribblix / ** or related.
I am very sure that they are burning for a topic and want to take it further.

There will be a pre-show right before the recording where you can meet the other podcasters. Please schedule a headset test a few days before to test your audio connection. We will be using "StudioLink"-Standalone software, the download link it is here (Windows/Mac/Linux): StudioLink Standalone
For any questions please send me an email on
If you like, use a nickname of your choice for this planner here and you may add your main topic as one word.
If there is demand we could change dates as well. The setup, pre-show and recording might take 2 hours. The Timezone is Central Europe / Berlin. If you are from overseas and like to take part at a different time, then please let me know.

If you want to apply for a guest speaker seat, here is the pool for the recording date:

Just a quick note, we had a very nice talk around bhyve!
I'll post the episode soon. As hosting I'm planning to use as I know those very good guys personally.