The Workbench 2023-10

  • Posted on: 25 October 2023
  • By: tomww

Hi all,

I found some time to restart building packages.
The one currently in the works is PowerDNS, as I have to get rid of DNS Server bind.
Soon you'll see pdns and pdn-recursor appearing in the SFE repository for OmniOS build 151038 and later.
Wondering why pdns? It can use plain bind zone files as well as mysql records for servicing the zones.
Additionally you can use lua with simple code snippets to solve a lot DNS problems. For instance
creating dynamic replies like switching IP-addresses when asked from inside or from outside of your network.

Update 20231025:
* "pdns_recursor" and "pdns" Server seem to work absolutely fine. Next step will be a SMF manifest and publishing the packages.
* And you may have a use fot the upcoming package "imapsync" from here:
It is used to migrate or backup-up complete IMAP mailboxes.
"Here is imapsync 2.264 on host omnios, a solaris system with 5.7/8.0 free GiB of RAM, 0.00% used by processes."