The Workbench 2021-11

  • Posted on: 14 January 2022
  • By: tomww

(Edited 20211103-1048CET, 20211119-2216CET, 20220114)

Hi all!

I'm working on MySQL 8 version 8.0.27 on Solaris 11.4 x86 (Edit: finished! Packages 8.0.27 are ready now!). As an intermediate step, I've started with version 8.0.21. The unfortunate decision by the MySQL developers to remove support for Solaris x86 may lead to lots of extra porting work to get the never versions....

If you are interested in MySQL 8.0.27 on Solaris x86, then please read this thread on the community forum and write a comment that expresses your interest in MySQL:
(asking for mysql-8.0.27-solaris11-x86_64.pkg.gz, but this is now in forseeable time available as IPS packages for Solaris 11.4 x86 and later as sparc package in IPS)

Update 20211101: MySQL 8.0.27 compiles and links properly. Early testing package is available as "mysql-80" in the Solaris 11.4 SFE repo "localhosts12". The early and half tested binary mysqld version 8.0.27 is (once fully uploaded) available as
Update 20211103: Note about CMake. The removed code was targeting almost entirely Studio compiler support, thats removed now. So the situation with MySQL 8.0.27 doesn't look too bad. And we now have a working binary already (built with sfe-gcc-11.2).

If you try this early package, then please get in contact to receive the latest manual steps to get mysqld up and running. You can get in touch on twitter @sfepackages or

The gcc-11.2.0 build is now fixed to have RPATH list /usr/gcc-sfe/11/lib first. That makes sure, that an older gcc-runtime provided by the OS in /usr/lib/ is not accidentially loaded if the user provides -R/usr/lib at compile time.
With this fix, I'll do a rebuild for mysql-80.

About LibreOffice (libreoffice52):
Update: you need to: pkg install -v pkg://localhosts12/sfe/system/library/gcc-runtime@4.8 (and freeze/keep that version for now!) - recommended is to freeze package for now: pkg freeze -c 'for libreoffice52' gcc-runtime@4.8

If you wanted to upgrade to Solaris 11.4 SRU39, then you got IPS prevent the upgrade, as the old perl-versions have all been replaced by perl-322. The link to libreoffice52 has been SFE perl module "Archive-Zip". Now there is an updated perl-5/archive-zip@1.68, that depends on the Solaris package perl-322. With this, you should be able to upgrade to SRU39.
In case you want to clean up all SFE packages before upgrade, you could record all present packages and then uninstall them. Keep in mind, that not every package that is important to you does not necessarily keep its valuable, local configuration. Consider taking a snapshot if the filesystem (e.g. beadm create bename@datestamp-00-before-sfe-removal-and-reinstall).
After the Upgrade you can re-install one SFE package after the other. And in case you get issues, then drop me a note at sfepackages at g mail dot com, or here as a comment on the blog or on twitter @sfepackages.
record list of packages: pkg list | grep localhosts12 > pkg_uninstall_for_11.4.39
remove all packages: pkg uninstall -v `pkg list | grep localhosts12 | awk '{print $1}'`

Really, if you run into troubles when re-installing the SFE packages, then please drop me a note. This is a bit of a larger effort to rebuild all hundreds (767) of SFE packages for the new Solaris version. So if you tell me your priority packages, I can work on them first.


PS: Read the commit with the changes made to the cmake files here:
(URL is taken from the post here: