Users, What do You Want? A Cheatsheet for SFE?

  • Posted on: 29 November 2016
  • By: tomww

Dear Users,

everyone has a first-time experience with SFE.
How to configure publishers, how to find a package, how to get support if problems occur.

So what do *you* think should be written on a cheatsheet?

I'm activating you *now* (can you feeel it?) to write to me your ideas.
Doesn't need to be perfect, no form needed, can be incomplete, can be a step-guide, everything....
just write me your ideas and questions unanswered.

I know you are out there (I can see the package downloads!) and I know you have something to tell (this works, this doesn''t, need to know that)

By Email: sfepackage at g mail dot com
By Twitter: @sfepackages
Comment on the blog: register a user and write a comment to this article

I'll collect answers into a todo-list for the cheatsheet.

If you write me what already works for you, that is as good as writing what you are missing of haven't been keen enough to ask.

Thank you for helping!