SFE is Running on Backup Site

  • Posted on: 30 April 2018
  • By: tomww

Update: The current (former backup) site got improved, so it will be the main site for now. 20181105

(Article will be updated once new status is know) last updated: 20180430-1300GMT

Dear SFE Users!

Once a service goes down, you recognize how important the service is to people.

The backup site and _ALL_ IPS Repositories are online and operational. The domain name sfe.opencsw.org points to this new IP-Address, so no changes needed on your side.

The original machine serving sfe.opencsw.org is broken, but the service is *online* as usual from the backup site.
You do not need to change anything on your side, the DNS entry for sfe.opencsw.org has been changed to point to my own servers. The SFE package repositories are fully available.

Only limitation: Please do _not_ mirror the IPS repositories with pkgrecv right now. The available connection bandwidth doesn't allow this. The replacement machine will be strong enough to let you mirror if you really think so.

Current status is the following:
Friday 20180420 1300 UTC the blog site is back again on backup site No 1.
Saturday 20180422 2100 UTC _all_ IPS Repositories are running on backup site No 2 with 10MBit bandwidth
Saturday 20180428 new machine is up, zone created, now the real work begins :). I think it will take until mid of may to do a clean new setup, includes a trial concept for automatic failover to backup site. I don't want to get you and me into troubles.

One day I hope there will be volunteers helping to setup a "release repository" where packages are promoted from the development repos (those you currently know: localhost*** publishers9.
The task is to create a website with the packages listes and a mechanism to "vote" on those packages. Once a package receives two +1 and no -1 it gets promoted to the "release repo" (including dependencies).

If you had the publisher "disabled", then it time to enable them again: (choose your publisher)

pkg set-publisher --enable localhosts11
pkg set-publisher --enable localhosts12
pkg set-publisher --enable localhostoih
pkg set-publisher --enable localhostomnios

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for using SFE packages!

And thank you for sending comments on SFE packages!
I would really like to know what you are doing with SFE packages! Waht do you need next?
(email: sfepackages at g mail dot com - or write a comment here - or write an articel on your blog site - or write on the mailing list)



Unfortunatly a few days ago the letsencrypt certificate for the site expired. This is fixed *now*.
The server you get this website and all packages fro is still operating as the backup site. And therefore the LE renewal is not yet fully automated. And once I get back to icinga2 or nagios, be ensured that there will be a monitor detecting exired certs/broken cert-auto-renewals!

These day priority has been to move from rsync to zfs send | zfs recv to get the packages out. Currently there are 617000 files in the shared part of the repos, and that is a bit too much for rsync to still be efficient. As I now have a script that does a nice and really efficient sync to the public server, there is time to work on the reinstalled primary server hosted by the friendly opencsw team and the open source friendly institution providing the bandwith.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.