New build run for Solaris 11 and OI

  • Posted on: 5 August 2013
  • By: tomww

Hi all!

Last weekend I started a new round of package builds and uploads to the experimental SFE-repositories for installation on X86-Solaris 11 (repo name is localhosts11). Along this build runs I added rebuilding packages automaticly if they depend on a package which gets rebuild. This means, if for instance a supporting library gets an update, the programs depending on that library are re-built automaticly. While this might introduce every now and then a rebuild which is not necessary, it is still good to do so. I can see that this would a) detect new breakages early and b) make sure changed interfaces of a new library version get compiled into the "consuming" programs at the right point in time.

Have fun with the packages and please contribute to SFE!

We would love to hear your feedback of any kind! Please send an email or visit us on on channel #pkgbuild (stay on the channel for a while after asking)