NewsFlash - Updating Solars 11 build machine to 11.2 - Update OpenSSL 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 with ec.h ecdsa.h - for nettle samba

  • Posted on: 2 October 2015
  • By: tomww

Update 20151021 Upgrade to 11.2 completed. I had to uninstall a few SFE packages (gnu-getopt, mtr) and fix grub2 bootloader.
Update 20151020 Upgrade ongoging, I had to fix a broken disk first

I'm planning to update the autobuild machine for Solaris from Version 11.0 to 11.2.

The consequences will be, that new packages and packages which get rebuilt will require you to
update your Solaris copy to at least version 11.2.

The showstopper right now is openssl 1.0.0 in Solaris 11.0 and 11.1 not having support for EC
but the package SFEnettle-gnu.spec requests this.
The package Samba42 with AD support is currently based on SFEnettle-gnu.spec.

This is the reason for having samba42 with AD support only in the Solaris 12 and OmniOS repositories.

So I apollogize for any inconvenience this may give to you when using the development repository
localhosts11 and forcing you to update Solaris (well, it's anyways one of the best ideas to upgrade).

If you have any comments, please write one! I've re-opened the user registration. Please register and
drop me a note with your ideas and needs.

Thanks for using and talking about SFE!

PS: read about what the new OpenSSL version is good for:
(AES-NI and T4 Hardware-Accelleration to get speeeed!)


Also this is good news, as I hope the corrupted wine-package (no game/directx app working) may be fixed then.

Why want to play games on Solaris? Simply because I love it!