Newsflash - Repository localhosts12 under full rebuild

  • Posted on: 7 August 2015
  • By: tomww

Newsflash: The Build-Machine for S12 has been updated from build 66 to build 79 and the complete set of SFE packages is currently rebuilt. SFEgcc is now at 4.8.5 (with LINK_LIBGCC_SPEC)
Update 20150810: the rebuild works, one highlight will be boost 0.58 and anoter highly desired package will hopefully work (wou'll have to guess which one can be based in the supporting libs snet to svn during the past few days)
Update 20150816: the repository is now online, the old repository is down for a short while and will re-appear under a nue URL (most likely localhosts12_66). If you don't change your publisher settings, then the news "pkg update" will intall matching new packages from SFE. In case of conflicts, please uninstall the old SFE packages which are listed (pkg update -nv for a dryrun).