OmniOS SFE testing repository now online

  • Posted on: 19 January 2015
  • By: tomww

As promised, the testing repository for SFE binary packages built for OmniOS is now online.
Please test this and send in comments (here on the blog, or by email (you'll find out)).

The set of compiled packages is very limited at the moment, but should grow over time.
If you've seen a package in SFE build recipes and want that compiled for OmniOS, then
please let me know. Browse the SVN repository of build recipes here:

To configure your testing-zone for installing packages, use this line:
pfexec pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g localhostomnios

Or simply list the packages without configuring the publisher, use this line:
pkg list -a -g

About the quality of the packages: Most of them have been used for quite some time
on Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana, so you can expect those to work propperly, even if
the repository is tagged as "testing". Other packages have troubles on OmniOS, as
it doesn't include a number of prerequisite packages which are available on Solaris 11
and OpenIndiana. So SFE needs some time and volunteerting to implement the
packages on OmniOS. One Example is the Apache apr and apr-util packages which
are prerequisites for SFEsubversion (svn). Lukily there is a userland-gate repository
which makes it relatively easy to port almost the same configurations to SFE as a spec file.

If you like to volunteer in porting exiting SFE compile recipes to OmniOS, or if you just
want to do some ammount of testing that the packages do work, please drop me a note

You may create an account on this blog to leave comments.
For a friendly chat please use: irc:// channel #pkgbuild
or (select a nick name and channel #pkgbuild, ask and stay
for some hours)