Blog user registration now online (again)

  • Posted on: 4 January 2015
  • By: tomww

User registration is now back online. There has been an error in the blog spam filter module, the upgrade procedure didn't update the database tables correctly. This is now fixed and user registration works again. Please note, new users need to be approved by the blog administrator. This is necessary, because internet bots try to register lots of users in the hope, that they could publish comment spam.

So please comment on the articles a much as you like (well, can).
If you are interested in writing user experience articles or give tips on how to use the packages (e.g. configuration examples), let me know. I'll then open the write permissions for your user account.

If you have a need for additional packages, you could just ask for them to be added.
You may want to browse the SVN repository and see if you favourite package is already available as a spec file (watch as well the subdirectories /experimenta and /encumbered):

About automatic build process, currently autobuild runs for Solaris 11 and for OI151a8 (should run in a9 as well).
Upcoming is the autobuild process for OmniOS (exact release is TBD) and for the lucky friends who have Solaris 12 available.

Currently it is not clear if SFE can work cleanly on OI hipster, as the C++ libraries will most likely interfere with the studio built C++ libs we have in SFE as the default.
So stay tuned, I believe we'll find a solution but that will be a lot of time consuming testing and even more discussions with the developers of hipster.
If you want to paritcipate, please speak up on the OI hipster developers mailinglist or on channel #openindiana or #oi-dev

Thank you for your patience and usinf SFE binary packages!