What's next? OpenIndiana Hipster

  • Posted on: 19 August 2014
  • By: tomww

Update: Planned start for automaticly building SFE packages for hipster: Oct 14th 2014.

You might have thought, what's next with SFE?

Besides maintaining the Spec files to work on Solaris 11 (and up), OpenIndiana OI151a8 and the fist small steps on OmniOS, there is another challenge to take:

OpenIndiana Hipster - the branch which tries to upgrade all sorts of things in the distro. This includes major recompiles based on the gcc compiler which is of special interest for SFE. That is, because SFE always tries to stay independent of what the "neurtral" underlaying OS-Distro does. SFE currently runs best, if the gcc version is exactly one, the runtime matches, special compile flags for the runtime are used (-zinterpose for e.g. 4.6.x of gcc) and then you get nicely running gcc-C++ ABIs which don't dump core if it comes to C++ exception handling.

I know, there are people out there telling that the gcc in hipster is so nice, well. I only start beliving this once the test cases show this. Just having a running gcc binary is not such a test. There is C++ test code where you can show-case the core dumps if the -zinterpose is missing (gcc 4.6.x, only gcc 4.9.x has a permanent solution! And this is my hint where you can find the test code).

Well, please expect during September 2014 to get a hipstery release of the IPS binary repository. I'll try to keep the list of popular binary packages in sync for Solaris 11 (x86 and upcoming S12), Openindiana OI151a8, OpenIndiana Hipster and OmniOS (as far as OmniOS can do the packages as it has *no* X-Windows!).

If you want to test or help organizing the OI Hipster branch for SFE binary packages, then please drop me a note (I'm sure you'll find out on how to contact me by email).

About OmniOS, I'll start with basics like SFEdovecot and SFEpostfix and add the spam filtering to them. What else packages from SFE do you want to see on OmniOS? Please put them into the whishlist and add the tag OmniOS to the specific package). The Release of OmniOS I'll start with is most likely 151010.