new repository online, for OpenIndiana OI_151a8

  • Posted on: 3 January 2014
  • By: tomww

Hi *

Now the IPS repository for SFE packages built on OpenIndiana oi_151a8 is online.

Note: This is an experimental repository, you should think on making snapshots before installing / updating packages which are important to you. Just in case something goes wrong.

If you have questions or just want to say "thanks, it works", just drop a note by email or on the IRC channel #pkgbuild on (please idle around for longer to get us some more time to respond).

Use the repo: (best is to uninstall old packages from older SFE localhost* publisher first! They don't auto-upgrade if the publisher is named differently)

pkg set publisher -g localhostoi151a8

If you have other SFE repository configured, you should uninstall those packages before unsetting the old publisher and then setting the new publisher.
Hint: List the currently installed packages from an old publisher with: pkg list "pkg://localhostoi/*" or pkg list "pkg://localhost/*" (note: wildcards do not work for the publisher name, unfortunatly!)