Meet at #36C3

  • Posted on: 9 December 2019
  • By: tomww

Dear Users of SunOS (Solaris | OpenIndiana | OmniOSce | SmartOS),

would you like to meet at Chaos Communication Congress #36C3 in Leipzig this year?

We could talk about the cool things you're doing on the OS, with ZFS, with bhyve, KVM or cool services you've assembled. Or just talk about life.

We even could record a nice podcast. That would be "friends of illumos #2" then. You don't need large preparation for that, just your ideas (sure, you have plenty!), your voice and your mind :). Recording of the first episode has been very much fun!

I have my homebase at @sendezentrum, the podcast community. Drop me a note before or on #36C3 so we can arrange a little meetup.

@tomww DECT extension 8669 ('tomw')

PS: people waiting on the releas eof "firend of illumos #1", recorded at @FOSDEM 2019: It really only needs a little intro music then I can release the podcast. Any ideas for music, freely licensed and suitable for a tech podcast? Please let me know your ideas soon!