Visiting Chaos Communication Congress #35C3 in Leipzig, Germany

  • Posted on: 9 December 2018
  • By: tomww

Update: Finally I've got my ticket for 35C3 - I'm looking forward to see you there! On congress you can reach me on DECT phone by dialing extention "tomw" or 8669 on your phone. You know you can reach the extensions as well from the outside by prepending the congress phone number (will be announced) in case you don't have a DECT or GSM extension registered.

Bying a ticket for Chaos Communication Congress #35C3 is a bit like an art and it is a social thing too.
Of you are stuck deeply in the C-Code when hacking you'll miss the starting time for the ticket sale, for sure.
But fortunatly my local crowd was perfectly prepared and I've got a ticket via them.

If you want to meet in person, then write a comment or send me a direct message to

I would be very happy to discuss everything from ZFS to OpenIndiana, Solaris, OmniOS and packaging efforts.
Or you want to talk about SFE-packages for Sparc CPUs?

See you soon at #35C3 Dec 27th - Dec 30th 2019!