Kvmadm is Available now for Hipster + OmniOSce

  • Posted on: 11 January 2018
  • By: tomww

Dear users,

I've added kvmadm version 0.12.3 to the SFE Omnios and OI-Hipster repositories. Please note that for selected OmniOS Releases you can get kvmadm from the OS-Distro repositories also. I'll try to have always the latest+greates kvmadm version on the repo. If you need kvmadm for an older version of OmniOS (e.g. 151014), then drop me a note.

The more interesting part to me is, if anyone could test the new package "kvmadm" on Hipster. I've added the package to the repository this evening.
Just install the package on recent OpenIndiana Hipster from the publisher "localhostomnios" (see http://sfe.opencsw.org/quickrepolinks).

Documentation to kvmadm is to be found on http://kvmadm.org

Please, if you experiment with kvmadm and could share what you've found working or useful, that would be fantastic for the community. If you have no host, you might choose to drop me the instructions by email or pastebin, or you can write your own article here on the blog (lectored if you choose).
I'm planning to add a quick guide on how to install a Windows 2012R2 Server on OmniOS (would as well apply to OpenIndiana!). What OS-Distroy would you like to see as a kvmadm administered VM?

As always, please share your experiences with SFE and your favoured OS Distro. For any questions please drop me a note on sfepackages at g mail dot com or on Twitter @sfepackages.
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