Foswiki and Perl Modules available

  • Posted on: 9 June 2016
  • By: tomww

Hi all,

the Perl modules required to build up a "foswiki" are now available in the repositories.
For Foxwiki itself, I'll create a package once I managed to get a propper basic configuration that works:
The cgi-mode is already functioning, only the mod_perl mode is a but hairy to debug. The apache22 mod_rewrite rules and the call to bin/view don't play well together in my Test-Setup on Solaris 11.3.

If someone is knowing mod_perl a little bit more then me, I would be happy to receive some hints how to debug the apache mod_rewrite <-> bin/view interoperation.

Would you like to run foswiki on your site? I would be very happy to hear about.