Experimental Package LibreOffice

  • Posted on: 2 January 2017
  • By: tomww

(Update 20160107 - There is a fresh verison in the IPS repository and the term "testing" is faiding out)

Hey brave Solaris 11 users,

if you are keen enough, you may try out Libreoffice now.
This is a completely untested package from the developing development development repository.

If you already have LibreOffice 4 installed, you may need to uninstall at least the package libreoffice4-desktop-int in case you want the icons on the menus. Maybe you have to uninstall libreoffice4 as well, I didn't test co-existence myself. The new package design allows for mediators once the libreoffice4 package has been updated to use mediators.

Known problems and solutions:
- if you see on a terminal when starting "loffice":
"Gdk-ERROR **: g_thread_init() must be called before gdk_threads_init() aborting..."
->> solution uninstall g++/glib2 harfbuzz libreoffice4 libreoffice4-desktop-int
then re-install libreoffice52-desktop-int
(this will leave out the defunct g++/glib2 package)

Please expect the new Libreoffice to eat your cat and all your files at the same time. You make a OS filesystem snapshot as well to be really save. Do this before the Libreoffice install.
Do not edit an important document. Do not do that. If you do, it may succeed. If it succeeds, please let me know!

I can't give too much support these days, so please other users may jump in and help out. I may read the comments but this is not guaranteed. Please include no long listings in the posts, a "pastebin" service with a loooong timeout for deletion may be better suited. Examples for suitable debug informations please see the other posts. Examples: pkg info entire, pkg list -vf - you get the idea. If someone could extract the already written commands into a new article "how to collect support info". That would be very cool. I would even accept a document written in LibreOffice52 exported into PDF....

Have fun with Libreoffice!

Comments? Questions? Please email at sfepackages at g mail dod com or leave a comment here in the blog.


PS: The usual disclaimer! This! LibreOffice52! Would not be possible without the restless work of maintainer pjama. Period. Greeting cards please go to him.

Small update: The package has been rebuilt with correct dependency on g++/harfbuzz and this should have fixed a hash value that has been repoted as incorrect.