OmniOS r151022 is out -> now OmniosCE

  • Posted on: 26 August 2017
  • By: tomww

Edit (20170826): The new URL for OmniOSce is:

  • A quick note on the recent news from OmniTI handing over support for the OmniOS distribution.

    OmniOS 151022 is released. It is a LTS version aimed to get supported by the community now. Please speak up if you want to helpo or have ideas how to get the right setup.

    About the OmniOS upgrade, you may read the r151022 release announcement here:

    There is a major change in the support model: The support from now on needs to come from the community.
    Read how OmniTI is releasing it's baby here:
    (important: please read all the replies as well, if you can/want support this in any way, tell about)

    To me it looks on a smaller scale a bit like the days when OpenSolaris had its last code released. The community _was_ forced to take the challenge and start their own projects and distributions. And the outcome was not all that bad, right? Personally I would habe very much preferred that Solaris would still be open source - to have win-win for everyone (popularity helps a lot).

    From my side, doing the automatic builds of SFE packages for Solaris 11, OpenIndiana and OmniOS:
    -> I'll continue to work on SFE packages for OmniOS. Send me a note which additional packages you need.

    I hope that is good news to you! If you feel giving feedback on packages SFE provides, or have some warm words or some ideas how to improve, then drop me am email now (really don't wait!) sfepackages at g mail dot com

    If you just want to have a new package ported to SFE (e.g. on OmniOS!), then your only chance is to tell me about it. Or make your own spec-file and send this to the SVN repository so I can add it to the automatic build system.

    For your convenience there is a new webform for easy submission:
    To submit package requests go to:

    Thanks for using SFE and giving feedback of any kind!
    And if you could talk about SFE on your blog, twitter, facebook, reddit - that would be very much appreciated.


    First published on 2017-05-14 21:51:39 +0200


    just added the prerequisites "slang" and "libpng" to the repo, so you can now run "mutt" email client on OmniOSce, Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana.

    Have fun and please drop me a note if you like it! sfepackages at g mail dot com