LKSFE - Less Known SFE Features - Japan Opensolaris Usergroup uses spec files!

  • Posted on: 2 October 2015
  • By: tomww

Did you know, that the Japan OpenSolaris Usergroup maintains a repository of spec files on their own?

It is called contrib-spec-files. You can read the how-to here:
And the list of packages can be read by browsing the repository itself:
Even written in japaneese language, you can understand a few parts of it (which I find amazing, and you may try an online translator on the page).

The japaneese Solaris friends have a number of extra packages in their repository compared to our spec-files-extra repository, which is good. What I like most about it, they've merged in the support for OmniOS.

You can see, copying of OpenSource is always a good thing!

Nice greetings to our Solaris friends in Japan!

Best Regads,


This is the Homepage of the group:

You can view it by google translate: click here