FOI002 - bhyve and illumos community

  • Posted on: 21 December 2021
  • By: tomww

Hi friends of illumos!

Episode No. 2 of the podcast "friends of illumos" is out!

After a weekend packed with podcast cutting and postprocessing I finally managed to upload the new episode. I decided to give a try and uploaded the new episode FOI002 as well as the older one FOI001. I think it will take a moment, until the subdomain for foi is established. You can listen or register the RSS feed here:

FOI002 is about bhyve hypervisor and about supporting the illumos community.

In this episode No 2 we talk about virtualization with bhyve on BSD and why its available on Illumos. A new bhyve feature will be virtfs to eliminate the need for nested filesystems. We get an idea of the bhyve design principles and why OS-guests get such an amazing performance compared to bare metal. Finally we talk on what should help developing the illumos community. Why Cloud providers integrate FreeNAS for their customers. How brilliant the open source community around OpenZFS is.

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Chapter marks:
00:07 Intro
01:58 The Guests
07:35 Bhyve - Patrick Mooney
11:31 Bhyve - Migration from KVM to bhyve
12:52 Bhyve - Supported Hardware
16:06 Bhyve - The Future
16:58 Bhyve - Emulation free design - Michael Dexter
18:12 Bhyve - VirtFS - Michael Dexter
22:38 Bhyve - Development
24:30 Bhyve - Starting Points for new Developers
25:58 Bhyve - Heavy Users and Performance
28:16 Illumos - Community - Talks on Niche Topics on Conferences
33:33 Illumos - VM Images and Vagrant Images
35:26 Illumos - State of the Community and OpenZFS in FreeNAS
37:14 OpenZFS Projects and Conference and Camps
39:03 Illumos Community in the US
40:09 Illumos Whishlist - Programming Languages (Go, ...) - DotNet?
41:18 Illumos - Funding Open Source Development
43:19 The Episode Ends but Never the End of Illumos and OpenZFS!

cudos to the amazing guests on the podcast!
Guests: Patrick Mooney, Michael Dextern, Till Wegmüller, Hans Rosenfeld, Volker Brandt
Host: Thomas Wagner

credits go to the music makers:
Music: Licensed CC-BY-3.0-US