The Workbench 2017-01

  • Posted on: 13 January 2017
  • By: tomww

Attending FOSDEM in Bruxxels on Feb 4th & 5th

If anyone of you is at FOSDEM too, I would appreciate having a chat. In case you have really good story around Solaris / OpenIndiana OmniOS, I can offer we do a short audio recording. No large preparation needed from your side. I'll bring a nice audio recorder and two headsets, extendable to 4 people.

My main interest is twofold:
1) Meet with other developers from the Soalrish arena and talk not only about SFE.
2) Everything around Docker and OpenStack

Fosdem is free, so only limit is space and will. And you only pay for a hotel/accomodation and food.


Full Rebuild Packages for Solaris 12 Build 115

I've started the move from bare metal to the VM server I run on SmartOS. Solaris 12 build 115 will be the one where I try to rebuild every package except the GCC compilers. In case you need stable packages during the next month or so, consider setting the publisher localhosts12 to "--disable" and only do careful updates and make really shure  you can rollback your OS in case something gets mixed up. This is note only important for Solaris 12 users.


LibreOffice4 (and 52) on OpenIndiana Hipster version 2016-11-11 and up

Two things have to be done here. One is, I'm waiting on a nice solution to Bug .

Second, I have to prepare the KVM instance with Hipster 2016 to be able to boot again. There is some really weird things going on while booting. To be precise, it fails to boot with boot loader not being able to propperly load kernel / ramdisk.

As long as bug 7755 is not solved, I don't need to hurry with the booting problems. I believe someone with oversight would just need to start a more deep investigation and decide what type of solution would be best. Implementation in OI should be only a small effort. Investigation and propper description is propably some more work.

At the moment there is only LibreOffice4 in the repo, maybe LibreOffice52 follows one day if the conflicts can be solved.

(Small Update for LO4 on Hipster 2016/2017: totally avoid using libsmbclient versions 4.x.x as they want conflicting iconv package. Using the steps below should enable install of LO4 and upgrade to hipster 2016+2017 versions later then 2016-11-11:

 pfexec pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.library/samba/libsmbclient=false
 optional if already at @4:
 pfexec pkg install -v library/samba/libsmbclient@3
 pfexec pkg freeze  library/samba/libsmbclient  
(...  was frozen at 3.6.22-2016.0.0.0:20160730T014851Z)

 ## drop me a note / comment / email / tweet if the above works for you! ##

)edited 20170202



This article will be extended over time.
edited 20170202 added quick'n'dirty workaround steps for LO4 on recent hipster version 2016-11-11 and up


A the moment I try to clear ZFS allocations my moving around the directories, so you'll see repo errors for the next hour or so.

Update: Repo maintenance is finished. I could resolve a ZFS allocation problem with snapshot/clone where I had to remove portions of the ZFS datasets completely. Repos are up again, in case something doesn't work, then really drop me a note with the error message.


Hi Thomas, looks like I ended up hitting your maintenance period as I got various 503 errors. When it came back up, I tried to install the boost library. This is what happened:

pkg install -v pkg://localhostoih/system/library/g++/boost #@1.59.0
Packages to install: 7
Estimated space available: 41.22 GB
Estimated space to be consumed: 577.74 MB
Create boot environment: No
Create backup boot environment: No
Rebuild boot archive: No

Changed packages:
None -> 55.1-
None -> 5.1.3-
None -> 1.0.1-
None -> 3.1.2-
None -> 4.8.5-
None -> 4.8.5-
None -> 1.59.0-

library/g++/icu 0/7 0/394 0.0/36.2 --

Errors were encountered while attempting to retrieve package or file data for
the requested operation.
Details follow:

1: http protocol error: Unknown error code: 404 reason: Not Found
URL: '' (happened 3 times)
2: http protocol error: Unknown error code: 404 reason: Not Found
URL: ''
[edited ...]

I ran a refresh on the repo and am getting the same thing as above. Maybe something got lost in the scuffle...?


Hi Zhaich,

thank you for bringing this to my attention. Problem is solved, there was one zfs rename missing.
Repository display and search worked, but I didn't verify if requests in **/file/1/** do work.

Now after repair, a quick test with wget
fetches the object successfully.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any more questions or want to suggest packages to add to SFE, then please drop me a note.


PS: I saw your comment through the RSS reader on the mobile phone. So anyone who wants to stay updated, consider using the RSS feed for blog, for comments and for packages. If anyone feels free to make a onepages/cheat sheet about RSS with SFE, I would be happy to receive that kind of help!

VLC is now recompiled on build 115.
If you go to preferences / video and selct "X11 video output (XCB)" then you get at least on Intel graphics nice video output. Save the new settings and restart VLC.
Next will be fix the lua integration, so UpnP / DLNA should start working.

It would be nice if you drop me a note if VLC works for you on Solaris 12.

vdpau on Nvidia graphics is another task. As Nvidia splits out the vdpau library, this makes it neccessary to create a separate package containing only the vdpau libs. These work as interface to the program on one side, the other side is access to the graphics card's hardware to get the HW-Accelleration of the GPU. Priority is only medium for the vdpau package, as VLC now works fine without vdpau. VLC and mplayer will be recompiled once the vdpau package is available.

If you want to meet, you really need to take action in advance!
It is really not easy to meet at such a large convention when there are so many interesting talks and interesting people to meet.
So please in advance get in contact on twitter @sfepackages, write an email to sfepackages at g mail dod com or try to get in contact with anyone else who is already tweeting about meeting there.

I would be happy to hear from you, if you don't attend then write a tweet or comment or email anyways!



would love to meet you.
I will be coming @FOSDEM

I think I'll post when I hang around at the illumos table. In case we manage to meet with a larger croud, then time/date/location as well. Last year the core people had dinner on saturday, but please ask for details at the illumos table.

Hi all,

as promised, @FOSDEM you'll have a chance to meet some people working on or with Illumos, OpenIndiana, OmniOS, Solaris 11.... and the people working in the software love to meet their users!

I would like to find a time when we can have a small meetup, so everyone can ask questions and tell what's on his wishlist. To be prepared and know which sessions you want to attend, you should install the FOSDEM app on your mobile device or use the session shedule on the web. With this shedule at hand you can decide which sessions you really burn to attend. I recommend you would do this in advance!
I'll do this tonight.

You might want to monitor @sfepackages on twitter where I will try to post when we can meet @FOSDEM.
This Blog will have new too. Please check the articles and the comments.
I'm sure you'll love the RSS feed, as this can be monitored with an RSS reader on your mobile device.
Instructions for RSS and IPS Package Feeds:
Comments Feed:
Articles Feed:

I have already some replys where people want to meet, so I'm looking forward to see you @FOSDEM!


Hi Users,

As I managed to find a workaround for illumos issue 7755 (version unlock to use older libsmbclient@3), I thought I would try compiling LibreOffice52 on OpenIndaina Hipster and see how far this goes.

If you are attending FOSDEM, then please pass by at the Illumos table in Building K and have a chat.

If you want to arrange an appointment, feel free to send a tweet to @sfepackages or ask at the illumos table how that can be arranged.


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Hi Thomas,
I have just replaced LO4 with LO5 on my /hipster installation and (quick tests) show that it works!

Many thanks.

Thank you for your feedback!
Have fun with it and remember if you want to update to Hipster past 2016/11/11 you'll need the workaround with pkg facet as described in the workbench 2017-01 comment. I hope we can find a solution to avoid the workaround soon.

Quick information,
I'm preparing for HTTPS for the blog pages right now.
If you see the page with incomplete design, or your browser complaining about pictures not fetched by https, then you might want to change the URL from https to http until I was able to tune the load balance and drupal7 to do the right thing.


Update 20170215: It turned out a but difficult with the old drupal7 / pound combination to get a clean working setup. So for a while we need to live with the dual setup http/https where the design for the https delivered pages is perfectly boring (that is, no design).

The move to https needs a bit more love. If you want to login, then use https, if you just want to browser the blog, you can use http and get the full layout.

Just in case you experienced the blog down this week, there was a jiccup this week where webbrowsers ended in a redirection loop. IPS repositories haven't been affected by this, as they are handled by the redirector (pound) independently.

I'm sorry for the inconveniences this might have caused.