Use RSS Feeds Please

  • Posted on: 8 January 2016
  • By: tomww

Hi SFE users,

I would really (really!) recommend you to register the RSS feeds for this site (articles, comments) and as well for the IPS repositories.

What you get:

* Notification that new articles or comments have been created

* Notification that the IPS Server has a new packages or a new version of a package

I personally have configured my Android Smartphone (Tablet) to use the "RSS Reader" (free) from the google playstore.
During the day, the RSS Reader checks for new entries and makes a handy overview where I can give a very quick read if the topic is of interest.

The URLs you can register:
RSS feed for *blog articles* here on

RSS feed for *blog comments* here on

*New IPS packages* on the repositories:
Solaris 11
Solaris 12
OpenIndiana Hipster
OpenIndiana OI151a8


I don't know if there is an RSS feed on the Sourceforge pkgbuild project website, if someone could check this for the "spec-files-extra" SVN repository and send me the URL, that would be great.