Packages Wanted!

  • Posted on: 29 October 2012
  • By: ofen334

Some ideas on packages tat might be missing or useful.

There is a lot of good software out there.
If you#ve digged through to opencsw, there is already plenty of packages or spec.files ready to use and to build your favorite stuff.

What about the things that might be missing?
The things nice to have.

I would like to see calibre as Solaris package for instance..
Or True Crypt, yes we have this smart ZFS stuff already, but sometimes I just want to plug that encrypted USB stick into a Windows box.

But thats only me, there might be things out there I've not even heard about.
Therfore I will never know how desperately I would need it.

So post a comment containing your wish list, the interesting, exciting, smart, cool stuff