More Perl Modules Arriving

  • Posted on: 9 March 2016
  • By: tomww

Update: 2016-03-16 For Solaris 11 the perl-modules are uploaded, for OI-Hipster and OmniOS I still need to make some more fixes to get some of the modules compile (mostly those with C-code involved)

Currently I'm preparing a bunch of perl modules, some of them especially for perlwiki.

If you want more perl modules added, please drop me a note so I can create the spec files with the handy script experimental/ and then test the spec files with experimental/testbuildperlmodule

. /opt/*bld/bin/
cd spec-files-extra

experimental/ HTTP::Server::Simple

experimental/testbuildperlmodule SFEperl-http-server-simple.spec

then is all went well, have a quick look after the license and the dependencies to other perl modules, then submit the new spec file to the SVN.

Email me at sfepackages at gmail dod com or write a comment or edit yourself the whishlist here: