Whislist for Perl Modules

  • Posted on: 16 March 2016
  • By: tomww

Update 20160316 - documented packages uploaded for OpenIndiana Hipster (should be identical to the packages for Solaris 11, OmniOS naturally has a few less due to missing graphical interface and libs)

Update 20160314 - currently most of the modules do build fine. IPS repos Solaris 11, 12, OI Hipster and OmniOS will have them. Table below will be updated soon.



Wishlist for Perl modules  (Update: 20150218 - currently working on sorting out which modules need a fresh spec file created. Please expect a status update during next week)

Module Name + Version

% done (version = 100%) OS-distro requestor/notify

needed for project: (optional module verison)

Archive::Tar 2.04        
Crypt::PasswdMD5 1.40        
Authen::SASL 2.16        
CGI 4.26        
CGI::Session 4.48        
Digest::SHA 5.95        
Error 0.17024        
Email::MIME 1.937        
Encode 2.82        
Encode::Locale 1.5        
File::Copy::Recursive 0.38        
File::Chdir 0.1010        
File::Slurper 0.8.5        
File::Which 1.9        
HTML::Parser 3.72        
HTML::Tree 5.3        
Socket 2.021        
IO::Socket::IP 0.37        
IO::Socket::SSL 2.024        
JSON 2.90        
JSON::PP 2.27300        
Locale::Maketext 1.26        
Locale::Maketext::Lexicon 1.0        
Locale::Msgfmt 0.15        
LWP 6.15        
URI 1.71        
version 0.9915        
FCGI 0.78       in prep
FCGI::ProcManager 0.25       in prep


If someone has an idea, how a web based perl module search could be performed, that would be grate. We have exisiting spec-file for perl modules and there is CPAN and the perl package from the OS-distro. The search should try finding a perl modules in either the spec-files, the perl deliverd by the OS and last resort, see if CPAN knows the module or a bundle containing the module and what dependencies exist.

How could such a search be constructed? This blog runs drupal if that helps any. Caching available perl modules in SFE and the bundled modules in the OS-distro perl would be okay.



All perl modules as of 2016-03-16: (pkg list "perl-5/*" of publisher localhostoih)

 library/perl-5/algorithm-diff                   1.1903.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/cpan-meta                        2.150005.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/dbi                              1.634.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/email-mime                       1.937.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/error                            0.17024.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/file-chdir                       0.1010.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/html-template-pro                0.9510.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/inc-latest                       0.500.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/json-pp                          2.27300.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/list-moreutils                   0.413.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/module-build                     0.4216.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/parse-cpan-meta                  1.4417.151.1.8
 library/perl-5/tk                               804.
 library/perl-5/version                          0.9915.151.1.8