The Workbench 2020-09

  • Posted on: 31 August 2020
  • By: tomww

Hi SFE users,

as always, I love feedback of any kind very much. If you have any SFE package that does usesful work for you or doesn't work, or is missing, then please drop me a note on sfepackages at g mail dot com or on twitter @sfepackages or on IRC freenode channel #pkgbuild. You want a special software added? Then drop me a note please :)

Want an example? clamsmtp was a user request and updating clamav too, so:
I've added SFEclamsmtp.spec. This packages helps e.g. postfix to spool email through the virus scanner clamav (which is also updated to the current version). The interface to clamsmtp is SMTP, so you could as well use any other local MTA for virus scanning the email by using the SMTP protocol.
After a little bit more testing I think I'll put that on my own omnios based mail mailserver. This will help creating create a useful tmeplace configuration for you that will be packaged with SFE clamav and SFE clamsmtp for you.
One day I may consider looking a bit closer on amavis. Any user interest in having amavis? (amavis also calls spamassassin directly)

Work is onging to move the spec files repository to github (inklusing automatic syncing back to sourceforge), as mentioned in
Thanks to Bob who reponded to my call "what you think about the github move" on the sfe emailing list

Do you think the SVN repos should move from sourceforge over to github? Please comment! I want this a good and prepared decision.

Edit: Build for omnios-r151034 have started. If you see that a package needs a rebuild, then please drop me a note immediatly - Thank you!

Thank you for using SFE packages!


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