The Workbench 2019-04

  • Posted on: 20 April 2019
  • By: tomww

The Workbench 2019-04

Hi all,
I had to update the drupal version to 7.65 and reinstall/update some drupal modules. If you experience any problems with the site, then please drop me a note on sfepackages at g mail dot com.

For postfix I did an upgrade to verison 3.4.5. Interesting is, that the old Solaris 11 GA version (without the SRU) doesn't have the needed openssl verison. So there is still available an updates 3.3.4 version. OmniOSce, Openindiana and Solaris 11.4 (GA) get the 3.4.5 version of postfix.

In case you want to help writing on this blog, or want to write comments, then please create an account. And after that please drop me an email at afepackages at g mail dot com _or_ send a tweet to @sfepackages to I can enable your account to get access. The reason behind this is, that there is currently no user-create-spam-filter service available. In case you have suggestions which service I could use for drupal 7 or upcoming drupal 8, then please tell me the name of the service.

I hope you enjoy SFE package (e.g. LibeOffice or samba with Active Domain Controller)!

[edit 20190417]
postfix and dovecot now care about each other: The updated SMF manifest for dovecot triggers postfix to really restart, in case dovecot starts up and recreated the pipe used for SMTP_AUTH in postfix. Yes, this is the old method as dovecot is able to so SMTP_AUTH internally, but I haven't used this on my systems yet. If you want to write a small article on this blog for how to configure dovecot with SMTP_AUTH and handover incoming user emails to postfix, then please let me know now!
One more change to postfix and dovcecot is now, that in case you upgrade the packages, you get the SMF restart triggered automatically. The choice was to either get incompatible binaries but delay checking if the config still matches (most times it does!) - or - solve the incompatible binaries in memory and on disk but have a tiny little risk that your monitoring watches alert you about a postfix or dovecot, that doesn't respond (becaus or the rare configuration incompatibilies when upgrading).

[edit 20190420]
Update for samba 4.6 to samba 4.9. Keep in mind, that with the name change you need a "pkg uninstall samba46" and then "pkg install samba49". Be careful with your local configuration, that gets backed up into /var/pkg/lost+found/etc/samba-YYYYMMDDTHHMMSZ and /var/pkg/lost+found/var/gnu/samba/lib/samba-YYYYMMDDTHHMMSZ.
You may want to backup your config / userdatabase *before* the uninstall with e.g. this command:
svcadm disable samba46; cd / && gtar cvf $HOME/samba46-backup-00000000.tar --exclude="*/log" etc/samba var/gnu/samba
then pkg uninstall samba46 and pkg install samba49, then restore the config:
gtar xvf $HOME/samba46-backup-00000000.tar
and svcadm enable samba49
You may run samba49 as Active Domain Controller on Solaris 11.3, Solaris 11.4 or OmniOS. For OpenIndiana please drop me a note if you want samba49 compiled.