Wish List for User Documentation / Step Guides

  • Posted on: 23 November 2016
  • By: tomww

User's wish list for binary packages in the repositories.

Note: *you* can write articles here on the blog. Become a user and after spam-check you'll get write access and you can help other users by sharing your knowlege. You could write step-guides with just the steps and important notes. Or you could write in any other form you like. Easy to read, quickly used, helping the solarish community. Thank you very much in advance, your readers will be thankful for as long as the OS installations last. And this is in may cases for infinity (okay okay, ...).
If you just recently installed something, then you would at least take some notes into a draft article which could be picked up later (by you or others). There is no strong ened to have fully developed step guides from the start.

One day we could make up a drupal book collection of all those tiny articles to have an index and a central starting point.

Topics: Mainly packages here from SFE, but as well Solarish stuff and others, e.g. how to provision an automatic activation of a windows guest in a VirtualBox or SmartOS / KVM / qemu instance.


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Wishlist for Documentation


mail server howto / dovecot + postfix + smtp_auth

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