FOI001 - Friends of Illumos - Podcast from @FOSDEM 2019

  • Posted on: 1 February 2020
  • By: tomww

FOI001 - Friends of Illumos - @FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels

At the @FOSDEM conference on February 3rd 2019 in Brussels there was the idea to make a podcast "Friends of Illumos" and talk about the achievements and whats to be done.

  • Intro and say hello
  • Upstreaming Patches
  • Software Modernization and LTS e.g. OpenSSL, integration of external projects
  • Packaging and Application Stacks 00:21:55.112 Spread the Work About Illumos
  • Make upstream people aware about the OS - don't remove support - add the OS as target to Continuos Integration Systems!
  • Illumos Organization to support attenting events or use something like "Software in the public interest foundation" helping OpenZFS project
  • Documentaion - explain to me as if I'm five
  • Outro and Links


Guests: Allan Jude, Till Wegmüller,
Audience Guest: Volker Brandt
Host: Thomas Wagner

Music: Licensed CC-BY-3.0-US

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Regards after a much too short night in the Hotel,