Bootstrap SFE on OpenIndiana Hipster

To bootstrap SFE Stack on OpenIndiana Hipster, do these steps

* run bootstrap-sfe-latest script from:

* run . /opt/*bld/bin/ (Solaris Studio as CC, mind, include the dot_and_space before the script)

* compile prerequisites for SFEgcc.spec (Solaris Studio compiler, else i've seen runtime errors in make test of those prerequisites) (advantage: no gcc runtime dependency!)

* install OpenIndiana gcc-48 to bootstrap our SFEgcc.spec compiler

* . (CC=/usr/gcc/4.8/bin/cc CXX=/usr/gcc/4.8/bin/g++ ... yes. this compiler must be un-installed later. Its runtime libs may stay installed)

* pkgtool build-only SFEgcc

* pfexec pkg uninstall pkg://openindiana/developer/gcc-48

* pfexec pkg install pkg://localhostoih/developer/gcc-48

voila, you have the SFE variant of the compiler which includes LINK_LIBGCC_SPEC to load gcc and g++ runtimes and from directory /opt/gcc/4.8/lib and avoids this dependency to the osdistro delivered libraries.