NewsFlash - Updated Server Software on

  • Posted on: 23 January 2016
  • By: tomww

Dear friends of SFE!

Today, I've updated parts of the sever side software for The load balancer/redirector "pound" and the "python" interpreter for pkg.depotd have been updated.

"pound" is used to redirect the massive number of file requests to "lighthttpd" which is aimed to use the ZFS memory cache and the amazing speed of ZFS filesystem itself. That way I bypass the overhead the python "cherrypy" websever used in pkg.depotd might have. Quick testing shows increased speed by around 30% for those URLS containting /file/1/ while users are fetching packages from the IPS repository.

If that new configuration works for you, I would be very happy to hear from you. Ideally you wont notice anything else then improved responsiveness and quick package downloads.

In case you find something not working propperly now, then please drop me a note in the comments or by email sfepackages /at/ gmail dot com (or any other email address you know is mine).


PS: Triger for this update was: I've done some testing during the past few days with the help of Volker, and an unexplaind error happened while fetching one file from the repository servers. Yes, we've done the crazy forbidden thing, we've been mirroring an entire repository by "pkgrecv" just for testing. (Warning: Don't do that yourself! You'll probably die with 18Gbytes of needless files on your disk! Instead please use the development repos named "localhost.*" only online, ever!). Back to the issue. As there was nothing to be found which can explain the error, I've decided to update the CSW packages "pound", "python" and its dependencies. I hope that solved the error indirectly. Thats not rocket engineering but who knows, if it helps? The update was necessary anyways- And yes, \o/,  I'm using the old SVR packages on this Solaris 10 NGZ to serve modern IPS packages!