About SFE Packages for SPARC CPU - Build Zone?

  • Posted on: 17 January 2016
  • By: tomww

Dear friends of SFE,

if you would like to have me building packages for the SPARC CPUs, then this is only one step away. Only make a SPARC build zone available to me. Well it's probably not that easy. As spec files generally are written in a way where you can build them on Intel and SPARC CPUs, the problem is today, that I have no recent SPARC hardware available to run such builds.

Call to action: If you know someone interested in having quality packages built from SFE build recipes, then ask for donating CPU time in form of a "build zone". Preferred OS is Solaris 11 and several gigabytes of Disk space and Internet connection (inbound ssh and outbound regular HTTP/HTTPS traffic is enough).

If you know someone who can donate a build zone on recent SPARC Hardware, that would enable me to setup a build envoronment there and add Solaris 11 SPARC packages to SFE! I would start with postfix and dovecot and more.



Hi Thomas,
as I wrote , I guess we could donate a SPARC build zone on an NiagaraT2 machine 1.4 GHz octacore/32 mb Ram. But for that we need to get in mail-contact . Possible non-global-zone (global = oracle sol 11.3) is an branded zone sol11.3 or sol10. HHD space should not be the prob (nas via nfs). The connection ist vdsl 50mbit/s down - 10 mbit/s up, ssh connection is very possible..... . If You are interested, please contact me.

Maybe in summertime ( I need time for this), I could donate an T1 hexacore almost exclusive for this.


Hi Ultrafire,

sounds very good! I have one offer which can be used for testing/developing but a second build environment is still very important to do *clean* and automated builds from the committed spec-files.
Solaris 10 ist something which is not uninteresting, as SFE in general supports it at least for a subset of the packages. Getting some basic packages like postfix / dovecot onto Solaris 10 would be mostly the task of getting the Build-Environment setup correctly. But that is very low priority at the moment. Other packaging projects like native OpenCSW can do that much better.

Building on native S11.3 w/o any SRU is a good choice as T2 is a very good CPU for the build zone.

We can exchange email on sfepackages on g mail dot com.

Thanks for your offer!


Hi Thomas, I hope You received my EMail ?


Hi Ultrafire!

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I've resent the email with a different sender email address, we'll see if it goes through.